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Malu stood at the door of her new room, taking it all in. It was big, probably as big as the cave she and her mother had hid inside when the Fire Nation came. And it was definately larger than the small room she'd had at the temple.

She went through every inch of the place, exploring. Examining. The most immediate room was a sitting room of some kind, with a long couch. At first Malu had thought it to be the bedroom, until she found that just off of the sitting room. The bedroom had a bed, and a desk. The bathroom was a whole new experience entirely. And then there were the not-candle lights, that turned on and off by flicking switches on the walls. You can be assured that Malu had some fun with that for a while.

Eventually the events of the day caught up with the young Airbender. After a little trial and error she managed to figure out how the shower worked. Malu spent quite a while under that water; she had no idea how much grime had built up on her skin after living in a cave for so long. Her clothes probably were in just as bad a shape. But they'd have to do until she could find new ones, although how she'd accomplish that Malu had no idea.

After her shower Malu slipped back into her undertunic, then climbed into bed. It was a different experience, having a soft bed after lying on the hard ground. But what was stranger was that, for the first time, she didn't have to be on her guard. She

With that contented thought, Malu drifted off to sleep.
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"There she is!" "Don't let her get away! "Halt, Airbender! In the name of the Fire Lord!"

Malu panted as she ran through the forest, all the while berating herself. Here she had been surviving fine by herself in the mountains, using her airbending to make people think the area was haunted.

'Stupid, stupid, stupid! How could you have let yourself get so careless?'

She had already sustained some injuries: there was a burn patch on one of her arms, and a gash on the back of one leg where one of the non-bending soldiers had gotten lucky with his sword.

Fatigue was starting to set in; Malu could feel the twinge in her left side as it blossomed into a full-blown cramp. She started to slow down, even though she tried to push herself to keep going.

Suddenly there was a roaring sound behind her, and before Malu could turn around she felt the searing pain and heat. Belatedly she realized I'm on fire! as the flames licked at her skin and uniform.

The teenaged Ghost Witch let out a scream of pain as she fell forward...


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