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t h e l e g e n d

Malu, the Ghost Witch of the Mountain, arose as a figure of Earth Kingdom legend in the years following the Fire Nation's first strikes. An enigmatic beauty who supposedly controlled the spirits, and seemingly vanished and appeared at will, Malu was truly an Airbender, whose mother hid her in a mountain cave to escape the Fire Nation's storming of the Eastern Air Temple. Her parents were Airbender monks and some of the war's first casualties. For years, she lived a solitary existence, and though no one knows for sure, some say she still makes her home in the mountain passes.

t h e t r u t h

Malu was born 12 years before the beginning of the 100 Years War; her parents were Ahatti, of the Eastern Air Temple, and Leong from the Northern Air Temple. She grew up at the Eastern Air Temple with a dozen or so other female novices under the watchful eye of Mother Superior Sister Lio. Like all Air Nomads Malu never really knew her parents. Her mother was just another one of the nuns at the Eastern temple, and her father was just a bison racer she met one year while visiting the Northern Temple for the bison races.

As far as Airbenders went, Malu was a fairly average student. She knew all of the novice-level techniques and a few advanced ones, and was proficient with a staff. Although almost a teenager at the start of the war she hadn't yet become a Master, so she hadn't earned her arrow tattoos.

When the Fire Nation attacked the Eastern Air Temple, Malu was one of the few who managed to escape the massacre. It was purely through the efforts of her mother, Ahatti, who hid her in a cavern at the base of one of the temple mountains. After the temple was destroyed a squadron of Fire Nation soldiers stayed in the area searching for the ones who had fled. Using what Airbending techniques she knew, Malu made it appear that the nearby pass was haunted.

For several weeks this ruse worked, and Malu was able to remain hidden and alive. As time passed she grew comfortable with her new way of life - too comfortable. One day Malu ventured from her cave to gather food for storage, and almost literally stumbled on a Fire Nation encampment not fifteen feet from her "doorstep". Malu fled, and the soldiers pursued her.

In the end she couldn't run forever, and the Fire Nation men ended up burning Malu alive.

That was how she found Milliways...

Disclaimer: Malu is from Avatar: The Last Airbender, most specifically the trading card game, and is the property of Bryan Konietzko, Mike DiMartino and Nickelodeon. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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